Brisca Management Services

The Brisca management team is highly capable and passionate about forming strategic business partnerships with our clients. We value long term strategic relationships and perform top-end business and accounting functions. The Brisca management team is capable of delivering a total solution for your specific project that may include high-end process automation, business re-structuring, setting up finance and accounting functions from the sketch, data analysis and research, and staff training. This global strategy brings not only cost savings but also future proof business solutions.


Are you looking to fast track your business to growth? If so, then the Outsourced CFO package is the one for you. Our team of experienced experts can assist you with complex matters and provide guidance, advice and support to help your business grow. Enjoy the benefits of an in house CFO without the cost, maximize your growth utilising the knowledge of a CFO who has experience in a wide variety of industries. Our outsourced CFO package includes,

  • Mentor selected Team Members

  • Regular On-site Visits

  • Management Reports (Monthly)

  • Management Meeting Attendance (Frequency to suit your needs)

  • Change Management Implementation

  • Strategy Input


The Monitoring Package takes your business to a new level and is most suited to businesses looking to expand and grow. You will receive Budget Planning, Monthly Reporting and Management Support. This will help you keep track of your profit and you will also receive guidance and advice to grow your business. Make better-informed decisions with up to date information, receive professional advice on several aspects of your business, and enjoy peace of mind by receiving critical cash flow or profit management reports to avoid surprises. Our experience combined with the team’s knowledge of industry, means together, we can help take your business to a whole new level. Our outsourced Business Monitoring Package includes,

  • Budget setting process

  • Setting reporting structures

  • Budget vs Actual reports (Monthly)

  • Annual Profit review & Report – Replan assists

  • Systems review and report

  • Business Performance Analysis / Report